OHJ asset

The unit of payment and the asset of our network is the OHJ token on the BURST blockchain.
Token: OHJ : ID 11199418400514639195
Quantity: 840 million OHJ

You can also see information about the token in the burst explorer
To be able to buy and sell OHJ, you need a BURST wallet. We recommend an internet wallet (BRS Online) or Full-Node.
Don’t forget to write down and save your passphrase (12 words) when creating your wallet!
An asset exchange is built into the wallet. Click on “add asset” in the Assets exchange menu and enter the asset id (11199418400514639195). Done!
OHJ can be sold or bought for BURST coin. For a list of exchanges that support BURST, see here.

To make a deposit from a blockchain wallet to an application:

  • Send OHJ to the address BURST-GVEQ-CPA7-57CM-CGUJU
  • Click “Add message”
  • Enter your username in the application
  • Uncheck “encrypt message” (see picture)

OHJ will be introduced into circulation as the network grows until it is fully distributed. Additional issue is not possible. The value of an asset is determined by users at their will. At the beginning of each month, we distribute 50% of the cumulative pool to users. The reward depends on the number of OHJs in your wallet at the time of distribution.