Make money from home!

  • 1.View ads
  • 2.Completing assignments
  • 3.Referral program (2 levels)
  • 4.Advertising (PPC) widget
  • 5 Advertising links
  • 6. YouTube views
  • 7.Smart surfing
  • And this is just the beginning

Viewing advertisements.

Advertising viewing (surfing) is carried out in blocks of 15 links. You get paid 12 OHJ (15 * 0.8) by viewing the entire ad unit.
Advertise your products and services to interested customers.
By advertising your sites and blogs, you get unique visitors. Thanks to our application, each visitor comes from their own IP, and not from the surfbar of one site (as in most surfing sites). This is very good for search engine promotion.

Affiliate program
Our network has a two-tier affiliate program (depending on membership). You earn 500-1000 OHJ (5%) from every purchase of an upgrade on two levels. From surfing, 10% and 5% from your partner’s income on the first and second levels. From earning money on tasks, you get 5% at two levels.
With a free membership, you must view one surf ad block (15 links) daily to receive affiliate payouts daily. If you miss one day, you will not receive affiliate payments the next day.

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